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Do I need a referral to begin services?

No, a referral is not required for assessment or intervention with Guelph Speech Solutions. 

Are services covered by extended health benefits?


Most people have some money allocated for speech and language services in their extended health benefit plans. It will be important to look at your specific plan for more information. 

Is there parking on-site?



Do you offer any free services?


We follow a fee for service model so require payment at the end of each assessment and/or therapy session. Guelph Speech Solutions does try to provide workshops in the community at no charge. 

How can I pay for services?


Guelph Speech Solutions accepts cash, cheque, and e-Transfer. 

What do I bring to my first visit?


Your child and you! Also, please bring any relevant reports from other professionals if applicable. 

Where are you located?


South-end Guelph. I have created a special designated space in my home with a separate entrance, waiting room, and therapy room where we can work together. I aimed to make it professional, clean, and fun for you and your child. I hope you like it. 

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